Swim Lessons at the Y

Swimming is a Life Skill

Mon Valley YMCA’s swim lessons offer a transformative aquatic journey for all ages. Our experienced instructors provide expert guidance in a safe, supportive environment. From water acclimation for toddlers to advanced stroke technique for adults, our programs cater to diverse skill levels.

Group Swim Lessons

Y-USA’s Swim Starters, Swim Basics, and Swim Strokes lessons, available at Mon Valley YMCA, provide comprehensive swim instruction.

  • Swim Starters caters to infants and toddlers, introducing them to water safety and comfort.
  • Swim Basics focuses on fundamental skills and water confidence for young beginners.
  • Swim Strokes advances swimmers’ proficiency, teaching competitive strokes and endurance.

These programs prioritize safety, skill development, and aquatic enjoyment, catering to all ages and abilities. With certified instructors and a supportive environment, participants gain invaluable aquatic skills while fostering a lifelong love for swimming.

Basics and Starters are 30 minutes long and sessions are 8 weeks.

Strokes is 45 minutes long and sessions 8 weeks.

Please call the Y to enroll in the session.


Basics – Wed 4:50pm and 5:25pm
Sat 9:35, 10:10, and 10:45am ($63 Members/$83 Non Members)

Starters – Sat 9am ($53 Members/$73 Non Members)

Strokes – Sat 11:20am ($80 Members/$100 Non Members)

Private Swim Lessons

Mon Valley YMCA offers personalized swim instruction through private and semi-private lessons. Private lessons provide one-on-one coaching, tailoring the experience to your specific goals and abilities. Whether you’re a beginner, looking to conquer fear, or an advanced swimmer aiming for stroke refinement, our certified instructors provide individualized attention.

Semi-private lessons are perfect for families or friends who want to learn together. With a maximum of two participants, you’ll benefit from focused instruction while enjoying the camaraderie of shared learning.

Both options prioritize water safety, skill development, and confidence-building, ensuring a customized and effective swim experience for all ages and levels at Mon Valley YMCA.

Please call the Y to enroll in the session.

Water Confidence

Unlock a world of aquatic possibilities with our swim instruction at Mon Valley YMCA. We instill vital water safety skills, building confidence in participants of all ages. From beginners to advanced swimmers, our certified instructors provide individualized attention, ensuring you feel secure and empowered in the water.

Master Swim Techniques

Refine your swim techniques and enhance your strokes with our expert swim instruction. Whether you’re preparing for competition or simply aiming to improve, our programs cater to diverse skill levels. You’ll receive personalized feedback and guidance, helping you become a more efficient and confident swimmer.

Lifelong Skill and Fitness

Swim instruction at Mon Valley YMCA is not just about safety and technique; it’s an investment in a lifelong skill and fitness. Swimming offers a full-body workout, improving cardiovascular health and endurance. Join us in the water to reap the physical and mental benefits of this life-enriching activity.

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